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JV Slider

Developer: Category: Joomla! Extensions

JV Slider module for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6

Get source from:
* Folder
* List
* Article

Tag: JV Slider, slideshow

JV News

Developer: Category: Joomla! Extensions

This module allows you to present the current articles:
* Choose category
* Leading article
* Images size
* Intro
* Artile links
* Columns
* Maxchars. Changes ( - Fixed bug language! Add more functions

Tag: JV News

JV JSBridge

Developer: Category: Joomla! Extensions

JV JSBridge is an extension that works as a bridge between Joomla!® and Sugar. With this extension you can synchronize users and contacts information between Joomla! and Sugar easily. How to install and configure JV JSBridge for Joomla! and Sugar.

Firstly, you need to go to the download page to download the installation package. After you have downloaded the package, extract it to your hard drive then you will get 3 zip files, and Please do not try to extract these files. To have the extension installed please follow the following steps.
Install JV JSBridge for Joomla! v5.x.

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JV Hotnews

Developer: Category: Joomla! Extensions

Just only display headline with ajax and alot effects!

As like yahoo hot news!

Tag: JV Hotnews. Hot news, Headline

JV Gallery

Developer: Category: Joomla! Extensions

The first you need press on the button name is "insert Gallery" then adjust the plugin just select a folder image then its automatic created a syntax e.g. {jvgallery folder="images" theme="1" height="100" width="120" cols="0"}image.png="title|desc" {/jvgallery}.

Thank you to "Slimbox" (developed by Christophe Beyls).

Tag: JV Gallery, Gallery for joomla

JV Contact

Developer: Category: Joomla! Extensions

This module allows user setting:
* Google map
* Enable/ disable
* Anti Spam: Recaptcha and Text
* Attachment files
* Live chat : Skype, yahoo
* Social Sharing:  Facebook, Twitter, Google bookmarks

Tag: JV Contact, contact flexible for joomla

JV Slideshow

Developer: Category: Joomla! Extensions

JV Slideshow is just a small module and easy to use even you're the beginner.
Once you take it, you got plenty of effects to help you to adjust you advertisements or just take full control of your ads products.
With JV Slide show you can choose  your image sources from folder, from list or from com_banners which has been prepared. Furthermore, you can add or named your images with specific name for each of them, after that you can specify a link for them. As the result, one image can define its link and its title and its description  as the user apply to it.
The most interesting things of JV Slideshow is waiting for you to discover it, but we'd like to give you some features, that are: size-control effect, image- navigating, All in one word, JV Slideshow has feature to make your (ads/ images) become personalized. So,it's worth a try.

Tag: JV Slideshow, slideshow

JV Framework

Developer: Category: Joomla! Extensions

POWER IN YOUR HAND! Web design hasn't ever been as interesting as in JV Framework with the first-time deployed Drag and Drop feature. Along with many advanced features, JV Framework brings you the power to handle your website in the most elegant way. Check it out to see what you will gain through JV Framework in our feature list. JV Framework, make it yours!

Test Site Live Demo

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